Serving Bristol | Building Unity | Inspiring Life-Long Mission.

Over the last 17 years, The Noise in Bristol has grown from 30 volunteers to over 900 volunteers from local churches. It started because a few leaders were inspired by Message 2000 in Manchester and ‘caught a vision’ to see this reproduced in Bristol. Now is the time to give away to young people across the nation, what we have seen happen in the urban estates in Bristol and see what God is going to do with the next generation. At the same time, we continue to build the next stage of united action of churches in Bristol together to reach this city, especially its youth.

Hope Bristol 2018 is a citywide opportunity to reach out and show God's love in practical ways. This five-day mission, during Easter, Tuesday 3rd – Saturday 7th April 2018, will be held in partnership with national organisations Soul Survivor and Hope, as well as local organisations such as Bristol Noise and Müllers.

The vision of Hope Bristol 2018 is to:

·      Serve the local communities of Bristol, showing God’s love in practical ways and sharing the good news of Jesus.

·      Build unity within the churches that leads to action

·      Inspire life-long mission in our local volunteers and the youth brought through Soul Survivor

Hope Bristol 2018 will involve teams of local volunteers and youth from Soul Survivor serving through practical and outreach projects across the city over the five-day event. Each morning will start with worship and teaching led by Soul Survivor. The young people will then head out in teams to various parts of the city to be involved in local church initiatives. These could include community action projects, children’s clubs, youth cafes, senior citizen events, family fun afternoons, and evangelism teams.

It’s vital for the success of Hope Bristol 2018, both as a five-day event and as a catalyst to long-term change in the city, that the local church is at the centre of the mission. Please get in touch if you'd like to partner with us in Hope Bristol 2018.