Hope Bristol 2018's Privacy Policy

Information you share with us can be used for Hope Bristol 2018’s operational purposes. This notice tells you what information we collect, steps we take to protect and secure it, how we use and share the information, and finally, how you can contact us with questions or concerns.

Information we gather

Hope Bristol 2018 collects personal information when you sign up an event or mailing list and when you post content on the site. By registering, your accept that your information will be held securely on the Hope Bristol 2018 database. It will only be used for Hope Bristol 2018's purposes and will not be shared with any other organisations.

Contact us

If you have a privacy concern regarding Hope Bristol 2018, or this policy, and if you cannot satisfactorily resolve it through the use of this website, you should contact us via the 'Get in Touch' page.

In the event that we are still unable to resolve your concerns you may write to us at our registered address and we will take reasonable steps to accommodate your requests. In some instances, honouring your requests may preclude your ability to use our website or may require us to terminate our relationship with you.