The local church is central to the vision of
HOPE Bristol 2018. We would love your church
to be involved in any way that you can.

We are hoping for about 800 young people to volunteer for Hope Bristol 2018. This amazing resource will be spread across Bristol to serve local churches in outreach and care projects. If you would like to run an outreach project with a team of young volunteers, you can put in a request for a team. There are four kinds of projects that you might like to consider running: youth, children, Noise, and evangelism.


You might like to run a youth cafe, an open youth group, a sports event, host a local talent show, run a detached youth project in a local park.


You could run a holiday club or other events to engage with local children in your community.

THE Noise

We are planning Noise community action projects (clearing public spaces, garden clean-ups, etc), senior citizen events and family fun afternoons across Bristol. Your church can partner with us to make them happen.


You might like a team to run some activities where they can share their faith, prayer on the streets, "Turning" style street work, free give aways etc.